Foundations of Early Childhood and the Inner Work of Teaching


Saturday, November 3, 2018 || 8:30 AM-5:15 PM  || Waldorf School of San Diego

In this workshop you will be introduced to the varieties of verses, meditations and inner work exercises that can weave into your life in a comfortable and natural way as you work with the young child.

In this workshop we will explore the four foundational senses through movement and what can evolve out of well-integrated senses. We will also discuss what hindrances may evolve when the child needs more attention in these areas.  

The afternoon will include learning about yearly rhythms and festivals which we will put into our hands by making Martinmas lanterns.

Megumi Caverly came to the United States from Japan in 1995 to study Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education, graduating from Rudolf Steiner College in 1999. She has been teaching Kindergarten at Sanderling Waldorf School for many years and is the mother of a son enrolled at the Waldorf High School in San Diego.

Anna Masters is a WISC graduate.  Following her graduation she ran a home program called Eartheart School and then began teaching kindergarten at Sanderling Waldorf School. Anna is now lead kindergarten teacher at The Waldorf School of San Diego,

Elizabeth Heald first trained as a public school teacher before discovering Waldorf education and graduating from WISC. She has been successfully teaching kindergarten at the Waldorf School of San Diego for several years.

Cost: $95|| To register:

SNACK provided. SHARED meal – Please bring a dish to share or pay $10.00

Discounts for three or more from one school site and WISC alumni available–please inquire.

Questions, call/text/email: 

Parvati Scatena || || 916.524.1828

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