Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality: Teaching from the Inside Out

with Debbie Laurin, Ph.D

November 21, 2020 8:30a-1:30p || Cost: $40

We will cultivate self-awareness about cultural development. What norms and values were given to you by your own national and ethnic culture? Increasing cultural competency requires developing self-awareness of the cultural lens through which you make meaning when you encounter diversity. Also developing awareness of the different perspective of the diverse other. We will focus on the child and seek to understand anti-bias education in the early childhood setting. Johanna Laurelin will lead Eurythmy.

Debbie Laurin

Dr. Debbie Laurin, Ph.D. is faculty at the West Coast Institute Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training and serves on the Scientific committee for Pikler® USA. Debbie is a former Waldorf Kindergarten and Parent/Child teacher and is involved with the WECAN Birth-to-Three advisory group.  She is a former Professor of Early Childhood Education at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). Debbie is a researcher, writer, and international presenter and teaches courses exploring Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality. She has extensive research on this, her biography has led her in directions to bring practical tools in anti-bias education for teachers working with children.

Information and Registration: https://tinyurl.com/DEI-DebbieLaurin

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